Our story began when we wanted to bring a feel at home type of restaurant, but in a way we knew best: Brazilian. If you have a Brazilian friend you might already know a little about the culture. Every weekend, Brazilian families and friends gather together to have a churrasco, meaning Bar-B-Que.  For these encounters, the host family makes a ton of food and grills different types of meat. So essentially, everyone can have anything they want, and how much they want. In 2001, Elaine Lima opened Brazil Grill so all of Hartford could experience this authentic Brazilian cuisine. Since then we’ve grown in both size and popularity. In 2008, Advocate Magazine named Brazil Grill “Best of Hartford: Brazilian”.

Churrasco is a large part of our culture and we are proud to have brought it to Hartford. We hope that you when you enjoy a meal at Brazil Grill, you feel like you’re at home, but in Brazil.